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Specializing in Holistic Anti aging and Acne facials while you relax to meditative music. We offer customized Deep Cleansing Facials at our clinic. If you have any skin issues, we will try to find a natural way to alleviate them.

Weight Loss

Free Consultation--Informative introduction to our  body sculpting machines and an analysis of the root cause of your weight gain.  

Our FAT MELTING machines

If you have extra fat or want to firm up some areas, most people see results after their very first treatment.


Also if you have Diabetes, Thyroid, Edema or any other reason why you have trouble losing weight-- Come see the owner. Great results!

Body Sculpting while relaxing to Meditative music.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Body Contouring
Fat Melting, Body Sculpting
Fat Melting, Body Sculpting
Weight loss

Facials Microderm Electrolysis

Our Services:

Spot Reduction

All of our machines cause the breakdown of fat cells. The fat cells get metabolized and in 3-5 days are excreted from the body

weight loss

Facials/ Lite Peels, Lite Microdermabrasion, Extractions, Electrolysis

weight loss

Men want to relax and look good too.

Fat Melting

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Weight loss

We have all types of non-invasive fat melting, skin tightening machines for people of different shapes and sizes--RADIO FREQUENCY, INFRA-RED, CAVI LIPO AND MUSCLE STIMULATION.