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Skin by Nature Products--All Natural

Use these products in between your facials. The owner of Skin by Nature is a scientist that has

put together an amazing affordable all natural product line. The products range in the $10 -$20 range:

(Do a Search on the above website for your issue)


Anti aging,

Dark spots,

and other issues. 

Be sure to read the customer reviews. I know the Facebook and Youtube audience are crazy about them! 

For special concerns, I can make suggestions for you or you can email the owner for his opinion. The support

staff will be happy to help you.

Follow Instructions -Guaranteed Weight Loss!

Cellulite Reduction - Targeted Fat Loss

Facials --Customized, Deep Cleansing, Anti Aging, Acne
Lite Microdermabrasion--no down time
Body Sculpting (Weight Loss)


Radio Frequency--non-invasive

Cavi Lipo--non-invasive

Muscle Toning
Whole Body Foot Detoxification

Kings Park, Long Island NY - Text-  631-456-9470

                         (weight loss is worth traveling for-- great prices)

Whole Body Detox--thru your feet

Remove Waste, Detox for Toxins: Metals, Yeast, Fungus, Viruses, Bacteria, etc.


Monica said--"facials were better than a major competitor."

Someone else said they were "amazing".

Others have said --they were "relaxing".

Denise said --"Great service at a Great Price"

M said-- "she was happy that after gaining a lot of weight, she was  now able to fit into her vacation clothes from the previous year

Lynn said-- "She was happy and surprised to lose 15 lbs. of targeted weight loss in the areas that mattered" 

D said-- "Being a thyroid patitent, I was finally able to breakthrough my weight plateau and lose a significant amount of weight"

Tammy--has the perfect body--thanks to our machines.

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Learn how you can control your Edema, Diabetes or Thyroid Issues